20. – 22. april 2018 Austrian Classics Worldcup

Olympiahall Innsbruck, Tirol – Austria


· Lightcontact under 16 years
· Semi-Lightcontact
· Fullcontact and K1

· Kick-Light
· Team Categories
· Over 40

· Musical Forms

· All age groups

· Under green belts

· Beginners (0-5 fights) 


Fullcontact and K1 Juniors
Junior Grandchampion 
Pointfighting Veterans female


Entry Fee

Seniors: 30,00 EUR
Cadets and Juniors: 25,00 EUR
Team: 80,00 EUR
Grandchampion: 30,00 EUR

Journalists (working press) requesting media credentials (press badges) for the Worldcup must register online: Photography and videotaping on the fighting areas (restriceted area) is strictly limited to only working press during the tournament.

Photography and videotaping for clubs/associations on the fighting areas ist only possible if you pay your entry fee. € 20,00

Please register online.